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The missing person search seeks to locate parties who may or may not want to be found. This search is used to find persons of interest in judicial matters, lost friends, lovers, and relatives. Locate searches are also used in cases of adoption, as you may need to find your birth parents to learn of your medical history, or you may be a biological parent (birth mother, birth father) looking for children given up at birth for adoption.

We also employ high tech measures and discreet sources to obtain information leading to the missing person.

The asset search is used to reveal the financial profile of an individual or business. The asset search can be useful in matters involving litigation and in general business law. There are several levels of the asset search, from a basic search of public records to very thorough “deep” asset investigations, which can reveal hidden assets such as offshore accounts.

The Asset Search is indispensable when settling lawsuits. If an offer to settle a suit is made by an insurance company, such as in an auto accident case, the plaintiff’s lawyer needs to be sure that the defendant does not have independent means to cover claims that exceed the insurance policy. If the policy were to be accepted and at a later date it is found that the defendant had significant assets, the plaintiff’s attorney would be liable for the excess claim.

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Specializing in Skip Tracing and Difficult Locates

The real-time missing person-the friend or relative or child that has disappeared recently requires different strategies than those described to this point. In these cases, our agents in the field must “pound the pavement” to find the missing person.

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